Billy and Figaro, Professional Pet Care by Vivienne
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Intuitive and loving care for your pets.

<span>Intuitive and loving </span>care for your pet. <span>When you can't </span>take them with you. When they need an <span>experienced hand.</span> <span>When your elderly </span>pals need some help. Provide the attention <span>they deserve.</span>

Your Pet is Special, and Deserves the Best Care

If you want to be able to know and trust the person who is taking care of your animals, then you’ve found the right place. At Billy and Figaro, we care for the welfare of your four-legged family members as much as you do.

An experienced pet caretaker in business since 1992.

At Billy and Figaro, we welcome your pets with special needs. Vivienne is well versed in all forms of medicating, from medication in pill form to hydration and dialysis for cats. She is extremely knowledgeable about vets and services, and has a keen eye for animal behavior. If your pet is acting funny, Vivienne will sense it. She has saved the lives of at least three pets by recognizing the warning signs of a health emergency!

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When you need to leave your animals at home for extended periods of time, Vivienne will come to your pets, and care for them during the hours of 7:30am to sunset. She is responsible and respectful, and understand that your pets are your children. Serving Studio City, North Hollywood, Valley Village, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, and Van Nuys, contact Vivienne today to speak with her about these services, and keep your pet happy and healthy in your absence!

Billy and Figaro, Professional Pet Care by Vivienne Studio City, CA 818.653.7209